30x40 in | Arcylic on Canvas, 2020

A young LYRICIST fresh into the GAME, with an experienced outlook on LIFE

Ms. Badu is surrounded by different elements of her first four albums that shaped her career. “Baduizm (1997)” her first album. The butterfly from her second album “Live (1997). The yellow and maroon border from her third album “Mama’s Gun (2000).” And lastly the background wording from her fourth album “Worldwide Underground (2003).”


Payment Plan Info

You must agree to sign a payment contract. You may look over the contract here.

  • The $300 deposit will put the painting on hold. The deposit is non refundable. 
  • A biweekly minimum payment of $350 will be due; giving you four weeks to pay off the painting.
  • Still off budget? Ask about a six week option.