• SADEsqui



    24 in. x 36 in.  
    Acrylic on Canvas, Released 2022


    Given the ability to collab with any artist, this CreativeBre™ x Basquiat collaboration features the soulful singing Sade and Jean-Michel Basquiat's 1981 painting "Fishing." Sade is painted in her iconic stance, embracing her natural beauty. The background has a mix of colours which includes the shades of pink and yellow and the guy fishing from Bassquiat's original painting; who appears to have white markings; the representation of a structure of a human body.


    Payment Plan Info

    You must agree to sign a payment contract. You may look over the contract here.

    • The $350 deposit will put the painting on hold. The deposit is non refundable. 
    • A biweekly minimum payment of $200 will be due; giving you four weeks to pay off the painting.